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TEMIC's seminars are intended for telecommunication managers who occupy or are destined to occupy executive and senior management positions.

The following two-week seminars were developed over the years by the Institute and it's members:


     TEMIC Telecommunications Senior Management
     TEMIC Marketing and Customer Services Management in Telecommunications
     TEMIC Rural Telecommunications Management
     TEMIC Strategic Management in Telecommunications
     TEMIC Telecommunications Policy, Regulation and Transition Management
     TEMIC Telecommunications Management in the New Environment
     TEMIC ICT Development and Management

Course Outline and Schedule

The programs are designed to enhance the skills required to manage in an entrepreneurial and competitve environment.  The importance of Total Quality Management (TQM) for telecommunication organizations is now being recognized around the world. Every seminar contains a TQM component that includes several practical examples particularly to the telecommunications industry as well as the review of an actual transformation plan to TQM.

For the different modules of a specific seminar, subject matter experts come to the Institute from Member organizations. This approach offers the advantages of presenting various views on a particular subject. The basic methods of training include traditional classroom settings, computer model case studies, international forum exchange, demonstrations and on-site visits.


Participation in a TEMIC program is by invitation from the Institute only.